Using RAJA in Your Application

Using RAJA in an application requires two things: ensuring the header files are visible, and linking against the RAJA library.

CMake Configuration File

As part of the RAJA installation, we provide a RAJA-config.cmake file. If your application uses CMake, this can be used with CMake’s find_package capability to import RAJA into your CMake project.

To use the configuration file, you can add the following command to your CMake project:


Then, pass the path of RAJA to CMake when you configure your code:

cmake -DRAJA_DIR=<path-to-raja>/share/raja/cmake

The RAJA-config.cmake file provides the following variables:

Variable Default
RAJA_INCLUDE_DIR Include directory for RAJA headers.
RAJA_LIB_DIR Library directory for RAJA.
RAJA_COMPILE_FLAGS C++ flags used to compile RAJA.
RAJA_NVCC_FLAGS CUDA flags used to compile RAJA.

It also provides the RAJA target, that can be used natively by CMake to add a dependency on RAJA. For example:


target_link_libraries(my-app.exe RAJA)

target_include_directories(my-app.exe ${RAJA_INCLUDE_DIR}