Continuous Integration (CI) Testing

The RAJA project employs multiple tools to run its tests for each GitHub pull request, all of which must pass before the pull request can be merged. These tools include:

  • Azure. This runs builds for Linux, Windows, and MacOS environments using a variety of compilers. While we do GPU builds for CUDA, HIP, and SYCL on Azure, RAJA tests are run for each non-GPU build.
  • Appveyor. This runs builds and tests for a Windows environment for two versions of the Visual Studio compiler.
  • Gitlab CI. This runs builds and tests on platforms in the Livermore Computing Collaboration Zone. This is a recent addition for RAJA and is a work-in-progress to get full coverage of compilers and tests we need to exercise.

These tools integrate seamlessly with GitHub. They will automatically (re)run RAJA builds and tests as changes are pushed to each PR branch. Gitlab CI execution on Livermore Computing resources has some restrictions which are described below.

Gitlab CI support is still being developed to make it more easy to use with GitHub projects. The current state is described below.


The status of checks (pass/fail, running status) for each of these tools can be viewed by clicking the appropriate link in the check section of a pull request.

Gitlab CI

If all memmbers of a GitHub project are members of the LLNL GitHub organization and have two-factor authentication enabled on their GitHub accounts, auto-mirroring on the Livermore Computing Collaboration Zone Gitlab server is enabled. Thus, Gitlab CI will run automatically for those projects on pull requests that are made by project members. Otherwise, due to Livermore Computing security policies, Gitlab CI must be launched manually by a blessed GitHub user satisfying the constraints described above. To manually initiate Gitlab CI on a pull request, add a comment with ‘LGTM’ in it.

It is important to note that RAJA shares its Gitlab CI workflow with other projects. See Shared Gitlab CI Workflow for more information.

Vetted Specs

The vetted compiler specs are those which we use during the RAJA Gitlab CI testing process. These can be viewed by looking at files in the RAJA .gitlab directory. For example,

$ ls -c1 .gitlab/*jobs.yml

lists the yaml files containing the Gitlab CI jobs for the lassen and ruby machines.

Then, executing a command such as:

$ git grep -h "SPEC" .gitlab/ruby-jobs.yml | grep "gcc"
    SPEC: "%gcc@4.9.3"
    SPEC: "%gcc@6.1.0"
    SPEC: "%gcc@7.3.0"
    SPEC: "%gcc@8.1.0"

will list the specs vetted on the ruby platform.

More details to come…