Naming kernels for NVTX/ROCTX toolsΒΆ

There are no exercise files to work through for this section. Instead, there is an example source file RAJA/examples/teams_reductions.cpp which contains complete code examples of the concepts described here.

Key RAJA feature shown in the following example:

  • Naming kernels using an optional argument in RAJA::launch methods.

In this example, we illustrate kernel naming capabilities within the RAJA Launch framework for use with NVTX or ROCTX region naming capabilities.

To name a RAJA::launch kernel, a string name is passed as an argument before the lambda

RAJA::launch<launch_policy>(RAJA::ExecPlace ,
  [=] RAJA_HOST_DEVICE (RAJA::LaunchContext ctx) {

    /* Kernel body code goes here */


The kernel name is used to create NVTX (NVIDIA) or ROCTX (AMD) ranges enabling developers to identify kernels using NVIDIA Nsight and NVIDIA nvprof profiling tools or ROCm profiling tools when using ROCTX. As an illustration, nvprof kernels are identified as ranges of GPU activity using the provided kernel name:

==73220== NVTX result:
==73220==   Thread "<unnamed>" (id = 290832)
==73220==     Domain "<unnamed>"
==73220==       Range "myKernel"
            Type  Time(%)      Time     Calls       Avg       Min       Max  Name
            Range:  100.00%  32.868us         1  32.868us  32.868us  32.868us  myKernel
   GPU activities:  100.00%  2.0307ms         1  2.0307ms  2.0307ms  2.0307ms  _ZN4RAJA4expt17launch_global_fcnIZ4mainEUlNS0_13LaunchContextEE_EEvS2_T_
        API calls:  100.00%  27.030us         1  27.030us  27.030us  27.030us  cudaLaunchKernel

Similarly, ROCm tools can be used to generate traces of a profile and the resulting json file can be viewed using tools such as Perfetto.

In future work, we plan to add support to other profiling tools. Thus, API changes may occur based on user feedback and integration with other tools. Enabling NVTX profiling with RAJA Launch requires RAJA to be configured with RAJA_ENABLE_NV_TOOLS_EXT=ON. or RAJA_ENABLE_ROCTX=ON for ROCTX profiling on AMD platforms platforms.